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Chiropractic Technique with 2 hours of Record Keeping

12-Hours CE Seminar

The Arizona Association of Chiropractic will be hosting a Continuing Education seminar

On April 25-26, 2020
Time: Saturday, 1pm-7pm Sunday 8am-2pm
Instructor(s):  David Bleiler, D.C., D.A.A.P.M.


This is a course that takes a look at chiropractic adjusting techniques. This is a hands-on class that will cover adjustment options across the full body from head to toe. Throughout the course, there will be a discussion about the specifics of the areas being adjusted including the types of joints and how to determine what to adjust. We will look at the setup positions as well as the line of drive involved. Doctors will be able to see and practice all of the adjustments covered. We will also look at some very important exercises that get absolutely great results, which can be utilized in all chiropractic office settings. In addition, two hours of record keeping is included, which covers some of the number one reasons chiropractors sometimes don’t get paid and how to possibly improve collection percentages.


The student will have a better understanding of the mechanics of the adjustments, proper ergonomics to help prevent injury to oneself and how to prevent injury to the patient. We will review some of the most common misconceptions and possible errors sometimes made in adjusting people. The course is designed to be an introduction to chiropractic technique through hands-on methods, which will be a great refresher for some doctors and a new experience for others. The aim is to provide more tools for the chiropractor to utilize to help more people.

This is a 12-hour continuing education course of which includes 4 hours of proprioceptive exercise training and why these are so important.  Upon completion of the seminar, you will receive a certificate to verify attendance for a 12-hour continuing education course.  Notes will be emailed a week prior to the event.  Event will be held at the Aaron’s Building, 4315 N. 12th St., St. 200, Phoenix, AZ 85014.