With stress being tied directly, and indirectly, to many of the diseases effecting your patients, it may be time to get a better understanding of what stress entails and exactly how it manages to be so instrumental in the disease state and deaths of so many people. Currently stress is approaching the $400,00,000,000.00 mark as a cost to this country and the current treatment protocols are not promising.

What, if anything, can be done? Chiropractors don’t treat stress, per say; however, as a chiropractor let me mention that we may be the best profession to effect positive changes in our patients when it comes to stress and the related consequences of this devastating condition.

If we can develop a better understanding of the brain, as chiropractors develop the ability to actually change brain structure and function of our patients’ brains, we can change our patient’s lives for the better. Is this change in brain structure and function a cure for stress….NO. However, helping the patient to better cope with the effects of stress effects could result in stress reduction. To the brain, all stress is the same regardless of where it comes from. The other important thing to consider is that all stress is accumulative. It all builds on itself.

As a chiropractor, I have diligently worked with patients for many years to change their brains for the better. I know that stress, as an example, will shrink hippocampal volume, cell size and cell numbers decrease. Through appropriate adjustments and exercises the volume of the hippocampus can be increased hence improvement. Another example is that the amygdala will increase in size and we can also effect this more positively.

With that said, get ready to listen to some fascinating information, because this seminar will show you exactly what stress is as well as some things you can actually do to reduce it and improve your patient’s health.

The information I am about to share with you is factual and documented. For years, I have personally used some of the strategies we will discuss in this course with my patients to obtain results that, in some cases, have shocked other doctors as to how well it really does work.

Before we begin, I thought it important to share a little about me. I am board eligible in chiropractic neurology, certified in neurological rehab, certified as a diagnostic physician and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management. I have taught neuroscience at a major university at a PHD level. In addition to over 40 years experience in seeing patients, I actually spent the last 20 years compiling information that makes up this very course you are about the take. I hope you enjoy it!