Are we losing our minds?

Researchers have identified a link between anticholinergic medications, including antidepressants and incontinence drugs, and an increased risk of developing dementia later in life. Source: Regenstrief Institute The largest and most detailed study of the long-term impact of anticholinergic drugs, a class of drugs commonly prescribed in the United States and United Kingdom as antidepressants and [...]

Are we losing our minds?2018-05-25T10:37:33-07:00

Maybe Just Hits, Not Concussion, Cause CTE

Summary:  A new study reveals head impact, not concussion, triggers CTE. The discovery could help with early detection and treatments for the neurodegenerative disorder. Researchers have identified evidence of early Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) brain pathology after head impact–even in the absence of signs of concussion. Early indicators of CTE pathology not only persisted long [...]

Maybe Just Hits, Not Concussion, Cause CTE2018-05-08T16:14:58-07:00


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