Connecticut CE Requirements for 2020

CCE Hours is a PACE Recognized Provider ensuring all continuing education courses meet the highest standards.  Each course has a PACE course ID number, which will appear on the “Certificate of Attendance” that is awarded immediately upon completion of a course.

Connecticut Continuing Education Requirements: 48 per 2 year license renewal period – odd years
Connecticut Accepts 48 hours of Online Continuing Education Courses
Connecticut Accepts 48 hours of TeleSeminar Continuing Education CoursesAlaska Continuing Education Requirements: 32 hours every 2 years even.

Special Requirements:

Between October 2018 – 2020, licensee must take at least one hour in Manual therapies for chronic pain/management of patients during opioid crisis, and at least one hour in Lyme Disease, and Medical Marijuana.

Mental Health Conditions Common to Veterans:   On and after January 1, 2016, not less than two contact hours of training or education during the first renewal period in which continuing education is required and not less than once every six years thereafter on the topic of mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans.

Between October 2016 – 2018, licensees must take at least two hours in Mental Health Conditions Common to Veterans and Family Members of Veterans. At least one hour in Substance Abuse, at least one hour of record keeping, and at least one hour of HIPAA Training.

New Licensee Information: A licensee who is applying for license renewal for the first time is exempt from the CE requirements until such licensee’s next registration period.

Reporting Requirements: Licensee affirms CE completion – additional documentation required if audited

State of Connecticut Continuing Education Requirements

Connecticut Continuing Education requirements posted on this page are based upon the most up to date information available. Connecticut continuing education requirements are subject to change and therefore, Connecticut Chiropractic licensee’s are ultimately responsible for being up to date with the Connecticut continuing education requirements.


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