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Attendees will gain a better understanding of what stress really is and how to more effectively work with stress.  Participants will become knowledgeable in how stress affects all aspects of a patient’s health. Properly recognizing and working with stress could be what is required for a quicker and more complete healing to occur.

The course will enlighten you to the five stress types:  chemical, psychological, social physical, physiological, and why the current treatment model is not working.

Stress is responsible for the initiation, perpetuation, and exacerbation of over 70 health conditions. Attendees will learn how stressors impact brain development and even alter brain function and structure making effective treatment vital for patients.  The program covers how this all comes about, and what chiropractic can do to help.


Improve the chiropractor’s ability to better evaluate, diagnose, and treat conditions associated with, or affected by, chronic and acute stress.

  • Better understand the damage stress causes in patients
  • Gain knowledge of how the brain interrupts a patient’s ability to be compliant therefore hindering the healing process
  • Understanding the importance of being interactive in your patient’s treatment of stress to enable better more complete healing, as well as providing hope for a medication free lifestyle for your patient’s future
  • Review specific types of exercise, nutritional programs and dietary programs that will benefit patients with stress-related conditions.
  • Learn practical adjusting styles and exercises
  • 2 Hours of Record Keeping Included


This is a 12-hour continuing education course.  Each lesson takes 50 minutes to complete.  An assessment of your subject mastery will be tested with a short quiz throughout the course.  Upon completion of all 12 lessons, you will earn 12 CEU’s and a certificate will be provided to verify your completion of the program.