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This 6-hour presentation covers nutritional aspects that are neurologically driven covering such topics as brain health, pregnancy, stress, and aging concepts.  We will look at a variety of nutritional aspects in relation to different health issues.


Participants will gain a better understanding of why it is important to include nutrition in their treatment plans.  We will discuss what should be considered in order to be better equipped to treat patients. Participants will have a better understanding on how to determine patient treatments and what those treatments should entail. More importantly, participants will understand why as a chiropractor addressing nutrition with patients is imperative.  Doctors will be empowered to improve their patients’ lives more wholly for a more complete future.



This is a 6-hour continuing education course.  Each lesson takes 50 minutes to complete.  An assessment of your subject mastery will be tested with a short quiz after each lesson.  Upon completion of all 6 lessons, you will earn 6 CEU’s and a certificate will be provided to verify your completion of the program.