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This is a 1 credit hour program that introduces encapsulated Medical Food as a scientifically proven viable therapy to assist in the treatment of sleep disorders. 

We start this course by looking at how prevalent sleep disorders are before we answer the question, “What is sleep?”  Next will be a discussion on the benefits of sleep by looking at the following:

  • What happens when you lose sleep?
  • Mental health and sleep disorders
  • Sleep duration and quality
  • What are the processes of sleep?
  • What are the costs of sleep problems?

We will look at sleep and the effects of tryptophan, GABA, choline, flavonoids, and certain antioxidants. Sentra PM is reviewed followed by GABA.


Note:  This is a 1-hour continuing education course.  The course is taught by the instructor with a PowerPoint presentation as a visual aid in video format.  An assessment of your subject mastery will be tested with a short quiz at the end of the course.  Upon completion of the course and passing the quiz, you will earn 1 CEU.  A certificate will be provided to verify your completion of the program.