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This is a 1 credit hour program that introduces encapsulated MEDICAL FOOD as a scientifically proven viable therapy to assist in the treatment of pain from chronic to acute as well as inflammation.

We start this course out by looking at pain, acute-chronic. Follow this with the prevalence of pain conditions in the USA. We also take a look at co-occurring concerns related to pain. We discuss some of the issues with inflammation examining opioids as well as anti-inflammatory medications. There will be an in-depth review of ENCAPSULATED MEDICAL FOODS, answering questions such as:

  • What are medical foods?
  • How do medical foods work?
  • Why are medical foods effective?
  • How do medical foods work scientifically?
  • Theramine and neurotransmitters


Note:  This is a 1-hour continuing education course.  The course is taught by the instructor with a PowerPoint presentation as a visual aid in video format.  An assessment of your subject mastery will be tested with a short quiz at the end of the course.  Upon completion of the course and passing the quiz, you will earn 1 CEU.  A certificate will be provided to verify your completion of the program.