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This course takes a look at where chiropractic comes from.  An in depth discussion of the origins and philosophical roots of what has become one of the largest natural health care branches in the world will be reviewed. We look at the history of chiropractic and how chiropractic philosophy fits into the modern day practice. We will take a brief look at some other healing art philosophies and see how they compare with our own.  The need for chiropractic is growing and, therefore, we will look at the safety and effectiveness, or efficacy of chiropractic. Since we are talking chiropractic we will also include several hours of technique.


The student will have a better understanding regarding the importance of philosophy.  Every profession has a philosophy.  By participating in this class, the attendees will hopefully have a greater appreciation for ours.  We will cover some of what the more recent research says about efficacy.  Four hours will be dedicated to technique.  Attendees will leave with at least one new technique to add to their art form.

Some, but not all, topics covered in this course include:

  • Definition of philosophy and chiropractic philosophy
  • Interpret quotes from famous philosophers, chiropractic philosophers and excerpts from motivational and inspirational readings
  • Review of the 33 chiropractic principles
  • Compare and contrast western medicine philosophy with chiropractic philosophy
  • Learn to educate patients on the chiropractic paradigm
  • Effectively integrate the above objectives into chiropractic practice
  • Record Keeping


This is a 12-hour continuing education course with 6 hours on philosophy, 2 hours on efficacy, 2 hours on technique and 2 hours on record keeping.