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Very few people enjoy record keeping so in an effort to make this less stressful for you there are no diagnosis codes.  After spending many years reviewing records, one of the areas I found most often lacking was Evaluation and Management coding which is based upon 7 components and effects your collections.  This two hour seminar was put together from the perspective of how to not only keep good records, but to help you get reimbursed, hopefully, better. We will cover such areas of record keeping from the concept of writing out your diagnosis and what advantages this may have for you.

One snapshot of examples we cover in this course is:

  • How are you going to separate, or properly diagnosis, a neuritis from a radiculopathy?
  • How would you separate neuropathy from a radiculitis?
  • All seven have their own diagnostic code where before they fit under one code. Did you order the appropriate tests?

It is promised that this two hour course on record keeping will be as interesting as possible.  And, valuable information will be shared.

Note:  This is a 2-hour continuing education course.  The course is taught by the instructor with a PowerPoint presentation as a visual aid.  An assessment of your subject mastery will be tested with a short quiz at the end of the course.  Upon completion of the course and passing the quiz, you will earn 2 CEU’s.  A certificate will be provided to verify your completion of the program.