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Chiropractic Technique Boot Camp

4-Hour non-CE Seminar

CCE Hours has partnered with Dr. Paul Dickerson to kick off the first technique boot camp

When:  October 13, 2018, in Phoenix, AZ
Time: 8am-12pm Saturday
Where:  1731 W. Baseline Rd. STE #11, Mesa, AZ 85202
Facilitator: Paul Dickerson, D.C., FIACN Instructor


Why a technique boot camp?

  • To enhance your knowledge and ability of various chiropractic adjustments
  • To collaborate with fellow chiropractors in an informal, facilitated environment
  • To learn, discuss and potentially practice spinal and extremity adjusting
  • To discuss patient cases (exclude patient identification information to remain HIPAA compliant) with a Chiropractic Neurologist with 32 years of practice

What can be expected from the technique boot camp?

  • Live 4-hour informal but informative event with adjusting and clinical discussion of case studies requested by the participants
  • Option to submit cases in order to review the clinical concerns and questions by the participants prior to event
  • Event will focus on regions of the spine and extremities
  • Discussions may include: neurological considerations seen in a day-to-day practice or lingering concerns by doctors in this day and age of health care
  • Participation in an old fashioned gathering covering adjusting and clinical problem solving with updated information

Seats are limited so it is important to reserve your spot today.  This is a 4-hour facilitated event that requires attendee participation. The event will be held at 1731 West Baseline Road Suite #11, Mesa, AZ 85202.