(CABal6hr) Managing Patients Balance & Proprioceptive Issues Part 1

(CABal6hr) Managing Patients Balance & Proprioceptive Issues Part 1


6-hour CE Course through Distance Learning


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Please Note: Upon completion of both Part 1 and Part 2  of this course a complimentary e-book of proprioceptive exercises will be provided to you.  The book includes individually, printable proprioceptive exercise scripts that can be used with your patients.




Participants will leave having a better understanding of the incidence and etiology of vestibular dysfunction. They will be able to demonstrate better understanding of the vestibular system, the various disorders and the subsequent implications on a patient’s ability to perform ADLs. We will identify various fundamental assessment tools for testing vestibular dysfunction and begin to learn how to use them hands-on. Enrollees will be better able to describe the balance control system and the interdependence of gaze and postural stabilization on maintaining balance, and demonstrate knowledge of the assessment and treatment of BPPV. They will leave and be able to take back to their practices the enhanced ability to identify common clinical signs and symptoms of the dizzy and imbalanced patient and how to incorporate and progress appropriate treatment.


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