(PaceMH2hr) Mental Health Conditions Common To Veterans And Family Members Of Veterans


2-hour Online CE Course

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This 2-hour course takes a look at some of the mental health issues facing our veterans.  We will first talk about the children of veterans and some of the most common issues they may face, such as:  how long will they be effected, what can chiropractic do, and what types of treatments are available.  In other words, what can be some possible long term affects, if any, with the children of veterans.  We will also discuss the the potential impacts on spouses of veterans.

For both men and women, questions like the following will be discussed and answered during this 2-hour course:

  • What is PTSD and who, as well as how many, are effected?
  • How can PTSD affect a veteran?
  • How do we determine who has PTSD?
  • What exactly is MST?
  • How many women have suffered from MST and how can it affect their lives?
  • Is it possible for men to have MST?
  • What is the NCTSN?
  • What do the core components of trauma-focused interventions include?
  • Compared to men, women Veterans are more likely to be diagnosed with a Mental Health Disorder.


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