(CAPreg8hr) Patient Management through All Phases of Pregnancy-Wellness

(CAPreg8hr) Patient Management through All Phases of Pregnancy-Wellness


8-hour Online CE Course

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An insightful, interactive 8-hour presentation covering all phases of pregnancy and care options from a case/patient management aspect, including prior to becoming pregnant up through post-delivery.  Learn tried and proven effective management of pregnancy from preconception to post-natal care.  Certain muscles will naturally weaken throughout pregnancy effecting your patient’s ability to hold your adjustments, which can result in less than optimal benefits for you patient and their pregnancy.  In this course, you will learn how to avoid some common mistakes.  Learn the tools to adjust and acquire a better understanding of how to treat your pregnant patients as well as those wishing to have a baby in the future.  Nothing adds the same excitement to a practice like new patients do, especially those “born” into it!


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